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  1. Rita, I wouldn't think you were crazy for thinking that at all. Whether true or not when Obama is involved in initiating a war you must be at least a little suspicious, especially when it's anywhere near the middle east.ProudBrit, exactly!

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    The on about the pain was very interesting. I tried it since I have a painful cut next to my thumb. To my surprise it really did lower the amount of pain I felt. I also want to try out the rubber hand but I don’t have a rubber hand to experiment with, but by far that one looks like it will feel incredibly weird.

  3. I have been thinking about this too! Except, I will be doing it on a treadmill at home since I don’t have a jogging stroller and can’t leave the bebe behind! I hope you’re successful!

  4. è che mi piace l’insieme, non bei testi o bei disegni, il racconto per come fila come corpo unico.due ma magari c’avrai ragione anche tu, mak, e riesci a fare accoppiare due teste giuste… le vie del fumetto sono infinite 😉


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